In our Secondary School, we encourage our pupils to be independent learners who take responsibility for their studies and understand the importance of academic endeavour. We also encourage pupils to be well rounded individuals with a range of interests beyond the classroom, and who have an awareness of issues on a local and global level.

We place great emphasis on ensuring that our pupils have an enjoyable, secure and supportive learning environment. Here they can grow and learn, while developing independence in learning and everyday life. The dedication of our teachers and the promotion of respect ensures a positive atmosphere in the secondary school. We take great pride in the courtesy our pupils show within the school community.

Alongside our academic provision, we firmly believe that St. George’s pupils should be fully prepared for life in the society of the future.

We offer pupils a range of extra-curricular activities through which they can develop their talents. We encourage our pupils to develop the strength of personality and leadership qualities which are highly prized by universities and employers.

School Day

The core school day runs from 08:30-15:30, with drop off possible from 08:00. Optional club activities run until 16:30, with sports activities until 17:00. Late supervision is available until 17:30.

The secondary school operates a two week timetable, with 6 lessons of 55 minutes every day.

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