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St. George’s is a group of three international schools spread across Germany which share a strong common ethos and structure..

Our schools cater for pupils from ages 2-18 and are split into primary and secondary sections. Each section is divided into departments, which correspond to the Key Stages of the National Curriculum.

We follow the National Curriculum for England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and embrace the flexibility provided by recent changes to ensure that topics are relevant to children developing in an international context. Alongside English, Mathematics and Science, German is also a core subject and is allocated appropriate time on the timetable. First language German speakers follow the local curriculum for the language, and all German lessons are provided by specialist teachers.

In Upper School (KS4), students prepare International GCSE examinations in 8-10 subjects. These are prepared with Cambridge International Examinations. All students study English, Mathematics, Science, German and a Social Science, plus a range of options, in order to fulfil local requirements. We are proud of our results, especially given that we are a non-selective school with the majority of our learners having English as a second language.

Our Sixth Form students, aged 16-18, prepare the International Baccalaureate Diploma. We offer a broad range of options in this area to suit students’ interests and aspirations. Our IB results have typically been strong.

The maximum class size is 20, and classes are typically smaller for International GCSE and IB options. There are three classes, or a maximum of 60 pupils, in each year group. We are a non-selective school, but students must have a minimum level of English to enter the secondary department. Academic prerequisites are in place for access to International GCSE and IB courses.

Teachers are in place to support those with special educational needs or learning English as a second language. Teaching assistants support learning in the primary school.

Our pupils come from a wide range of backgrounds. A number of pupils come from the local area and have joined us seeking an alternative to the German education system. Others join us from the ex-pat and international community, and we have over 80 nationalities represented within our schools. For the vast majority of our pupils, English is a second or additional language. However, most master the language perfectly, having been educated in English from a young age.

The Cologne School

The Düsseldorf Rhein-Ruhr School

The Munich School

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