Working at St. George's


St. George’s offers teachers the ideal working environment to embrace their vocation and grow professionally. The schools’ locations in Germany offer not only a high standard of living, but a range of opportunities for travel, cultural discovery and personal growth.


The school has a salary scale based on experience. A separate scale exists for teaching assistants.

A range of additional increments are in place for positions of responsibility.

Precise information is available on application.

Tax and other deductions vary depending on your personal situation. Social security contributions include health, pension, unemployment and disability insurance. These are deducted directly from your salary, and are supplemented by a contribution from the school as your employer. A full payroll calculation is available on request.


First contracts are typically for two years, with a six month probationary period. Permanent contracts are issued following this period, based on mutual agreement between both parties.


We offer a relocation allowance to support your move to Germany. Given the wide range of different accommodation options available, we do not find accommodation on your behalf. However, we will provide you with guidance and support in finding housing, as well as support in making your first steps living in Germany.

Career Progression

St. George’s Schools have a clearly defined management structure, which offers teachers clear routes into positions of responsibility in academic, pastoral or administrative fields. There are a broad range of opportunities for teachers to take their first steps into middle management, or for those with experience to progress into positions of increased responsibility.


The school operates on a British term system, with three terms in the year. The school has a 36 week calendar in Cologne and Dusseldorf, and 38 weeks in Munich. Typically there are 3 weeks holiday at Christmas and Easter, 6 weeks in summer, plus one week in October, February and May for half term. There are also numerous religious and bank holidays throughout the year. Holidays are slightly shorter in Munich, due to local regulations. 


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