Boarding Life


We provide a structured week for our boarding students which offers scheduled time for study, meals and activities as well as opportunities for time for relaxation.

During this time, students can visit the local village, join local sports clubs and explore Cologne. Our older students enjoy additional privileges and have the independence to manage their own study, whilst being overseen by the boarding tutors. Younger students also receive support and intervention from our tutors and from senior students if they are encountering difficulties with aspects of their studies.

Each term we provide a full programme of activities for our students.

These include a range of competitions and events, from table tennis and Wii Dance-off competitions to Art competitions and musical performances. We offer to students regular weekend trips to popular local venues. These include go-karting, laser-tag and the English Cinema as well as the famous Phantasialand and Cologne Christmas Markets. We also take students further afield once a term, so that they can benefit from all that the area has to offer. This has included trips into the countryside in the mountainous region to the east of the city, and journeys to attractions within other parts of Nordrhein Westphalia.


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