Our Values


The inspiration behind the St. George’s educational journey.


At St. George’s, it’s our goal to provide students with a solid foundation, and to enable them to reach their highest potential. Our school culture is grounded in values that fuel a passion for lifelong learning and that motivate pupils to use their voices to drive change, to inspire, and to empower others across the globe.



Curiosity stirs enthusiasm for continuous exploration, inquiry and learning. This is the energy that fosters open minds, innovation and opportunity. Our curriculum is designed to nurture curiosity and inspire our pupils to engage in an education that is relevant and unbounded.


It takes courage to step forward, to explore and to lead the way. This is the foundation on which we build integrity, confidence and resilience. Our pupils are courageous because they stand up for what they believe in and lead by example.


Confidence is the motivation to engage with people, present ideas and seize opportunities as they arise. It is built on experiences and success. Our mission is to provide our pupils with the confidence, choices and tools needed to maximise their individual potential.


The diversity and inclusivity of our community is our strength: we seek to build mutual trust and respect, while preserving individual identity, unique thoughts and personality. We share our passions within our community and genuinely care for each other, as well as those in the broader world.

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