Technology is an integral part of young people's lives. In St George's, we embrace the possibilities that technology offers to enhance and extend learning. Combined with traditional methods, it is a powerful tool that allows our teachers and pupils to innovate and enjoy learning, in and outside the classroom.

Within the school’s vision, technology integration plays a major role. It is essential that our pupils develop not only the skills to use technology but also a sense of enjoyment in exploring alternative ways to learn. Technology sparks creativity, generates collaboration and fuels passion. All aspects of the curriculum are meaningfully enhanced, a pupils develop a sense of digital responsibility when using a device. We aim to transform learning to help students learn smarter and better. Technology connects and personalises the learning journey for all at St. George’s School.


A coherent approach to technology is essential for achieving our vision and enables us to live our values.

From the outset, we have been keen to ensure that technology is another tool in our teachers’, pupils’ and parents’ toolkit, and not an end in itself. Like all tools, it is there to facilitate and improve the experience of learning, and not simply to replace other tried and tested methods. It therefore exists alongside other tools we use to achieve our vision for learning.

That said, technology is a very powerful tool, which continually enhances the learning experience. Technology inspires, not simply because it provides an alternative lens through which to explore the world, but because of the infinite range of creative and innovative opportunities it enables. Responsive technology can adapt the level of challenge so that it is right for every pupil in the class, meaning a teacher can be sure each child is working at the right level and progressing towards their goal. Technology provides a safe environment for children to explore and make mistakes, share their ideas and feedback to others. Furthermore, it allows children to visualise their own growth, track their personal development, and, of course, develop skills that are vital for their future.


The role of technology at St. George’s school is ever changing and developing as is our teaching.

The teachers have created a dynamic, flexible and personalised curriculum from Foundation Stage to Sixth Form to ensure that all key components for digital learning are included. For our learners, it is not only important to cover the skills of how to use the technology but also allow opportunities to be creative, work as a team, engage with the outside world, think critically and meet individual learning needs.

Learning Environment

We believe in a simple and accessible learning environment, designed to fit student needs.

The design concept of the school building brings down the traditional four walls of classroom. Open learning spaces such as our roof terrace, learning balcony, library, small group work rooms and garden areas at the side of the school allow students to develop, create and reflect on their work both independently and collaboratively.

Whilst working in the learning spaces, students have an abundance of digital devices available to them to transform and deepen their learning experience. Specialist areas such as Music, Art or Design Technology, are equipped with modern, fit for purpose tools such as iMac suites, recording studio, laser cutter and a 3D printer.

On our devices, students have access to state of the art software like O365, Logic Pro, Fusion 3D and Adobe Creative suite. LEGO WeDO, Spike Prime and Mindstorms education sets are available for lesson time and in extra curricular clubs in addition to a series of other programming and robotics devices such as Sphero, BlueBots & InoBots. AirPlay and AirDrop are used daily to share and collaborate. Apple TV is not only in every learning space but also in communal areas should students want to display work or complete project work outside the classroom.

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