Foundation Stage


Our Foundation Stage department encompasses the age group from 2 to 5 years, with Pre-Nursery, Nursery and Reception classes.

Our main goal is to provide a warm, caring and family-oriented pre-school environment. Days are carefully planned to include direct teaching time, adult led activities and free play for the children. This careful integration of learning opportunities within the day enables all children under our care to progress to their full potential in terms of the emotional, physical, creative and intellectual development.

Children work in small groups, with a ratio of one adult to every ten pupils in the nursery.

Our Foundation Stage staff are always available to parents during drop-off and collection times, as we believe passionately that a close partnership between families and the school is key to a positive and rewarding experience.

Daily Routine

Children arrive between 08:00 and 08:15, and are supervised by their teachers until everyone is ready to start the day. The mornings are filled with fun and focussed learning experiences. Children are free to choose the types of activity they prefer. These are flexible and respond to the needs and interests of the group. This includes both indoor and outdoor activities.

Children enjoy a snack before going outside to play in the morning. Lunch is prepared by our in-house caterers, or may be brought from home. Children eat together in their classroom.

Following lunch and play, children have the opportunity to sleep if they need to. Those who want to remain active continue to enjoy further fun learning experiences together. Following a busy day, pick up is flexible between 15:30 to 16:15.

Toilet Training

By the time children join our nursery classes at age 3, we hope that children are fully toilet trained. However, at the beginning of the year, we kindly ask that parents provide spare clothes, so that any toilet accidents can be dealt with quickly and easily.

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