School Life


Our pupils enjoy a busy schedule, filled with diverse and purposeful activities.

Our school is a full day school, enabling our pupils to explore and develop in a wide range of areas. Our curriculum offers pupils ample opportunity to develop creative and sporting talents, as well as progress academically. In addition, we offer a rich selection of extra-curricular activities. These take place during break times or after school and are supported both by our teachers and external specialists.

The school calendar is packed with events, which enrich our pupils’ experience. We have a full programme of sporting events, which allow our pupils to compete with each other, or between other schools in the local area and further afield. Regular performances provide opportunities to demonstrate musical and creative talents on stage. Fairs and exhibitions provide a platform for our pupils to showcase their achievements.

We embrace the whole school community in our activities. School fairs provide opportunities for families to meet, and we welcome involvement in our parents’ Round Table and International Club. Parents and other local community members are valued contributors to our wider curriculum, proving to be engaging speakers and insightful advisors in their areas of expertise.

Learning and discovery takes place beyond the classroom. Regular trips complement school life and help pupils connect learning to everyday experience. Residential trips and outdoor pursuits provide an enjoyable opportunity to cement friendships and challenge personal limits.

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