Language Learning


A diverse and multicultural community brings with it a rich spectrum of languages, and language learning needs. Our teachers are experienced in supporting children with diverse linguistic backgrounds and sensitive to the needs of language learners. 

English is the working language of the school and main language of instruction. It is our first priority to ensure that all pupils are able to access the curriculum and settle comfortably into their learning environment. Starting a new school is an exciting but daunting experience, especially if this school is in a new city or country. Adding the challenge of a new language on top can cause added anxiety. We are experienced in supporting children and their families through this transition. We listen carefully to families’ concerns and take time to assess pupils’ needs. Together, we develop a programme that best supports each child’s development in the language, which may involve specialist lessons or in class support.

German, as our local language, is also given an important place in the core curriculum.

All pupils learn German until 16, after which it is an optional subject. We provide a broad range of programmes to support learners of various levels, from beginner to fluent native speaker.

From age 11, pupils have the opportunity to learn a French or Spanish, as a third language. Learning new languages helps develop a broader understanding of other countries and cultures, as well as opening the door to new opportunities.

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