Trips and Events


At St. George’s we understand that it is vital for pupils to extend their learning beyond the classroom. We organise regular trips for pupils of all ages in order to expand their field of experience and allow them to contextualise their learning.

We expect all pupils to participate in school trips, just as they would in normal classes. Trips are organised to cause as little disruption as possible to the normal schedule and are valued as an important compliment to classroom learning.

In addition to day trips, we organise annual residential trips for Years 4 – 10.

These trips increase in scope and length as pupils get older. They provide a wide variety of different experiences which enrich the curriculum and our pupils’ cultural education. In addition, they develop a sense of community among pupils and make an important contribution to the development of interpersonal skills.

Furthermore, our secondary pupils enjoy a broader range of residential activities which support their academic or extra-curricular development. These include language exchanges, Duke of Edinburgh Award expeditions, field trips or visit to global conferences. Conferences are a unique opportunity for our pupils to consider a range of current world issues and practise their oratory and diplomatic skills. They also provide the chance to meet other pupils from schools across the world.

We also celebrate a range of events throughout the year which help pupils develop a broader range of skills than those typically fostered in the classroom. These include charity events, activities which raise awareness of particular issues, or celebrations of success. We invite external speakers to address our older pupils, to share their experiences or discuss particular topics. These speakers can be from the world of industry, university, our alumni or other prominent guests.


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