In our primary school we foster an environment in which children are encouraged to do their best in all they undertake. We ensure that they enjoy the process of growing up, making friends and discovering the world. Our pupils approach each step in their development with a sense of excitement and achievement.

We fully embrace the concept of education as a life-long journey. We promote consistently high standards within an enjoyable and purposeful environment. Our children behave in a responsible way, where polite manners and responding to the needs of others come naturally. True to our ethos, we devote our attention to every child and foster a supportive, family-like atmosphere, with relationships between pupils, parents and teachers based on trust and mutual understanding.

Our Primary School includes Early Years (ages 4-7) and Lower School (ages 7-11). Each department has its own dedicated area, with age appropriate resources and routines.

School Day

Early Years (Ages 4-7)

The core school day runs from 8:30-15:20, with drop off possible from 8:00. Optional club activities run until 16:30.

8:00 Doors Open
8:30   Start of School Day
10:00-10:35 Snack and Play
12:05-13:05  Lunch and Play
14:25-14:35 Afternoon Play
15:20      End of Core School Day
15:20-16:30 Club Activities

Lower School (Ages 7-11)

The core school day runs from 8:30-15:30, with drop off possible from 8:00. Optional club activities run until 16:30.

8:00Doors Open
8:30  Start of School Day
10:15-10:35Morning Break
12:05-13:05Lunch Break
15:30 End of Core School Day
15:30-16:30 Club Activities
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