St. George’s welcomes applications from pupils of all backgrounds, irrespective of ability or previous educational experience. Our school is currently made up of pupils from over 60 nationalities, with diverse linguistic, cultural and educational histories.

Our school registrar is our dedicated admissions advisor, who guides families through the admissions process and will be your main point of contact and ensure that you are welcomed warmly to the school.  Contact our Registrar today to organise a visit or to receive further information about the school.

We are not an academically selective school, but do believe in a responsible admissions policy. We therefore look carefully at every application to ensure that St. George’s is the right setting for each child. Although we make every effort to accommodate a child’s needs, we are not able to support those pupils who require a tailored programme outside the mainstream, or whose behavioural record indicates that admission would adversely affect the welfare or learning of our existing pupils. Certain prerequisites are in place for admission onto IB courses. All decisions are made in close consultation with families and in accordance with our admissions policy.

Our school embraces the traditional values and personalised care which are central to an English education.

Admissions Process

The admissions process is designed to be flexible and informative, considering your and your child’s personal needs. The steps outlined below are only a guide and may vary depending on your circumstances.

School Visit

The first step is typically a visit to the school. This gives you the opportunity to gain further insight into the school and our community and meet with key members of staff, including the relevant Heads of Department and the School Director. Our registrar will also take time to speak with you personally and guide you through the remaining steps in the process.

Although a school visit is highly recommended, it is of course possible to submit an application form without having visited the school.

Trial Day

If your child would like to get a better feeling for life in our school, then we happily welcome children of all ages for a trial day. During this time, they get to spend a typical day at school, meeting their potential future classmates and teachers. This is by no means a mandatory part of the process, but is a great way to help the transition to a new school, which is a big step for every young person.

Placement Test

We ask children entering the school from age 7 upwards to sit a placement test. This helps us establish your child’s strengths and learning needs, so that we can best tailor courses to support your child’s development. Should any concerns arise from testing, we will discuss these with you personally. For entrance into the secondary school, and most importantly acceptance on to the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, a certain level of English, as well as other subject specific skills, are required.

School Records

We also ask you to provide details of your child’s current school records or most recent reports, to gain a better understanding of your child’s progress so far in education. For the youngest pupils, this is of course not necessary, and records are typically only requested in exceptional circumstances in the primary school. For Secondary age children, school records are requested in all cases.

Place Confirmation

Following testing, and dependent on place availability, a place offer may be made. At this point, we ask for a completed application form and documentation. Following receipt of these, as well as our application fee, the place is confirmed.

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