Lower School Curriculum


Our Lower School Department encompasses the age range 7-11, and the year groups Year 3 to Year 6.

Our curriculum for Lower School is shaped to best promote development and stimulate interest. Alongside exploring and deepening their knowledge of the world, pupils build the key skills of independence and problem-solving. Pupils continue to enjoy a greater subject focus, and this is supported by specialist teachers in a number of fields. These come from devoted teaching departments, easing the transition into the next stages of learning. Nevertheless, the class teacher still plays a vital role in maintaining an overview of pupils’ successes and insuring individualised care.

Although learning becomes more formal as pupils progress through the primary school, we still ensure that the Lower School environment is innovative and dynamic. Pupils are engaged creatively as well as academically, and we provide pupils with diverse opportunities for success.

In Lower School, our experienced team of teachers follow the National Curriculum for England. This provides a clear pathway for progression across all skill areas, as well as engaging and flexible units of study, which we carefully select to inspire and challenge our pupils. We ensure teaching is relevant to all our pupils and reflects their diverse backgrounds and cultures. The National Curriculum allows the flexibility to explore topics from a local or international level, and many different approaches are possible – it is not limited to the English perspective.

Pupils are taught English, Mathematics and German on a daily basis, and investigate topics in Science, History and Geography over the week. Lessons in art and music balance the curriculum and provide a creative outlet for our pupils. Information technology is integrated into subject teaching, and pupils also follow a computing course which develops programming skills essential for the future.

We support the health and wellbeing of our pupils though our personal, social and health education programme, which encourages a healthy and balanced lifestyle. It also enables pupils to explore a range of issues that are pertinent to their daily lives and develop resilience to the many challenges that face young people. Healthy development is of course supported by our broad physical education programme, which provides diverse opportunities to enjoy sports and physical activity.

Our Lower School department benefits from a dedicated Special Education Needs section, with teachers available to support the individual learning requirements of our pupils. Teachers of English as an additional language are available to work with pupils who join the school with limited English or whose proficiency in English is still developing.

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