Our Vision


At St. George’s we believe that children should love going to school. We achieve this by fulfilling 5 simple but very important criteria:

  1. Education is the development of the child as a whole - forming character, developing strengths, manners, skill and confidence, not only transferring knowledge.
  2. The focus is positive, highlighting ability and talent, as opposed to focussing on limitations.
  3. Learning is the product of investigation and experimentation. Through innovative teaching, we encourages independence and resilience, whilst developing a critical, questioning mind.
  4. Every child deserves individual and personal attention to their academic and pastoral development. Every effort is made to ensure that each child feels safe, happy, healthy and is able to achieve.
  5. Intercultural communication, mutual respect and understanding are prerequisites for successful learning. This, combined with fluency in English, is the best possible preparation for the future in a globally connected world.  

We base our success on excellent collaboration between pupils, parents, teachers and the school. We believe that only through team work and communication can we continue to improve and master the challenges that occur over the course of a child’s academic career.

All this takes place in a family like environment which embraces sporting endeavour, creative pursuits and community spirit, which leads to academic success.

This ensures that all children are able to achieve their potential.

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